Attract / Repel - mini chair DIY elastic drawing kit (grey)

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Attract / Repel mini chair DIY elastic drawing (grey)
One elastic drawing kit comprised of hemmed elastic (8mm), steel nails (1.4x25mm), pre-pierced A4 paper template, installation instructions, low-tack masking tape. Made in the UK at The Workshop of Matt Montini
23 x 17 x 1.5cn // 9 x 6 ¾ x ½” (when in vertical orientation)

This is a DIY kit for a mini chair elastic drawing (2012-2020) to be installed by you! It is going to be fun, we promise, all you need is to grab a hammer and to make sure you read through all the instructions before you start. The work can be installed directly on a wall (a bit like a 'wall tattoo') or on a piece of wood that can be hung on the wall or placed on a shelf, it's entirely up to you. We find that it also works very nicely on the sides of bookshelves, or on wooden furniture. You can also choose on the orientation of the chair: it can be standing upright or flipped upside down, mystically floating, or propped up in a corner. As the title of the work hints, we imagine this chair to be in a magnetic field, simultaneously attracting and repelling itself and constantly shifting and changing position. Try to find the right nook and position for the chair in your house or create one by placing it on a piece of wood.

The chair image comes from an Eastern European caricature we found in an archive. Chairs are one of the most basic and important objects one needs to have in a workshop (and in life). A chair is a place for you to think, to stop, to work, to ponder. A chair (usually) has four legs, a back and sometimes even two arms. It is designed (mostly) for one person. We are very excited about this opportunity to place a chair on the wall, not to sit on, but to remind us how this object is so essential and intriguing. As Ingmar Bergman once said: "I'm very, very lazy. I love to sit in a chair and look out of the window and do nothing". Life goals.

But we are mostly excited to release a DIY kit for the first time, to share the technique and the protocol of the work to the world and to have other people execute it. This is the workshop we aspire to and we can't wait to see all the places the chair will end up.

The mini chair is available in three colours: grey, orange and burgundy, and also as a set of all three. 

Health and Safety: Please note this work is comprised of exposed nails and could cause injury to people and animals. Take your time when considering where to install. Regular dusting with compressed air is advised.

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