‘Emilia says that the scary crocodile went to the studio’ V1

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‘Emilia says that the scary crocodile went to the studio’  2016
V1 - Light cotton denim style cover

Handmade set of six nesting dolls: screen print on cotton, various fabrics (cotton, poly cotton, silk, jersey), felt, upholstery polyester fabric, plastic buttons, heavy-duty zipper, velcro, shoe-lace, metal eyelets, metal poppers, metal swan hook, bias binding, wadding, bespoke silk labels, thread
38 x 27 x 7cm // 15 x 10 ½ x 2 ¾” (when nested)
250g // 8.8oz
Edition of 15 + 2AP

A collectable set of six handmade ‘educational’ Dress-To-Nest cloth dolls. Each doll represents a different artist in the spirit of his/her practice: Alexander Calder (1898-1976), Naum Gabo (1890-1977), Lygia Clark (1948-1988), Marc Chagall (1887-1985), Leo Lionni (1910-1999) and Matt Montini (1905-1990).

This fabric babushka style dolls creates a recursive universe where each doll / artist hugs one another, leads to one another and so creates a sphere of different connections: from large to small and back again. The nesting design creates endless ways to play / display these dolls, as separate units or as one whole group. As Montini used to say to his own children: “we always belong even when we don’t belong”.

This object uses its design to encourage mechanisms of learning (and teaching); the tasks of opening a zipper, closing a button, tying a knot, and using different hooks and fasteners as a shell to present a portrait of the above six artists. It works on the surprise factor of revealing each character inside the other, as an act of revelation and excitement. The learning element is not only about physical skill but also relates to the characters themselves and serves as a starting point to discuss the above artists artistic legacy and work. We wanted to create a doll with a ‘different than usual’ face and story. A doll that can ask and raise questions rather than definitive answers.

The smallest, and final doll, bears Montini's likeness and is based on a self portrait he made in 1912 at the age of 9, found on one of his earliest journals. Choosing a soft white fabric with red lines as the verso side to match one of his clipper ship sail designs.

Made by Yonatan Vinitsky to accompany the launch of his book 'The Middle of the World' (Empire Books, 2016) which presents, among others, the above artists’, re-imagined studio. With many thanks to Urara Tsuchiya.