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“Time is on my side now” wall clock (numbers #5)

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"Time is on my side now" wall clock (numbers #5)
Reclaimed dark green mountboard, machine-cut yellow vinyl, UTS German clock motor (ticking), metal hands, plastic second hand, AA battery, PVC spiral coil frame
24.5 x 19.5 x 3.5cm // 9 ⅝ x 7 ⅝ x 1 ¼“
75g // 2.6oz

One wall clock. Battery and fixings supplied. Designed and produced in the UK at The Workshop of Matt Montini

This listing is for a numbers version wall clock. Named after one of Montini’s famous phrases, ”Time is on my side now”, this wall clock combines reclaimed materials to create a simple, lightweight and functional wall clock suitable for  a kitchen or dining room, as well as in offices or children’s rooms. It features a round face contained within a rectangle background, representing Montini’s enduring interest in the relationship between the two basic shapes. The layout of the face is designed in collaboration with Montini’s, now 7 year-old sibling Emilia, who provided the drawing, in this version with numbers.

The clock is hand framed with a white spiral PVC coil that resembles a notebook or a menu and that echoes the notion of time as a spiral and a loop. When Montini was a teenager he had a conversation with his film teacher who told him to always consider the time that people give when they see a film, read a book, or look at anything in this world.  This affected Montini deeply and he was always trying to think about time in any human interaction, and to be surrounded by time and clocks. 

Each “Time is on my side now” wall clock comes with an unpublished replica of a handwritten poem by Montini pasted on the back. The poem (referred to as “Jelly in her(e) belly”) was written in 1919 when Montini was 14, a year after World War II ended and just a few months after he returned to Poland from the USA with his mother and younger brother, Jakub Tida.

Instructions and safetyClocks will be shipped with a battery included, but not inserted. When constructing be careful not to touch the clock’s hands and face - hold the mechanism between two fingers to establish a firm grip.
To install on a wall simply hang on a nail or a screw. Please note that the fixing should not protrude more than 15mm from the wall in order not to touch the back of the clock.

Disclaimer: This is a handmade item, made primarily from mountboard, and due to the production process there might be minor dents. Please note that the motor used in this clock is a ticking motor, it is not silent. This clock has small parts and is not a toy.