The Workshop of Matt Montini is a physical manifestation of that folder on your desktop that you keep putting ideas into but never have the time to realise.

We initiate and produce affordable and practical objects for all ages that are designed to be lived with, next to, and alongside. We aim to make everything by hand, with leftover materials, using low-tech, makeshift processes. The "un-perfect" objects that emerge are sometimes hard to categorise as they often masquerade as something else. Above all, though, they carry our story, each with its own characteristics and strong personality.

The workshop formed during the Spring of 2020 at a time when the space around us became smaller and more local and when our perception of time, matter, sound and touch changed irrevocably. Through working together we want to take responsibility and become more generous in thinking about what it means to be a maker today and what production might look like in the future.

We follow the dictum of our namesake Matt Montini:
Making Always Transforms Teacher
Models Adapt Tactile Trust
Motivate Advice Timeless Thought
Miracles Are True Things
Contact details
The Workshop of Matt Montini
Unit 5
Dane John Works
Gordon Road
United Kingdom

Email: workshop@theestateofmattmontini.com
Instagram: @the_workshop_of_matt_montini