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EVA WALL CLOCK / CLASSIC 03 / “Alarm Clock” / Blue Frame

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EVA WALL CLOCK / CLASSIC 03 / “Alarm Clock” / Blue Frame

Reclaimed white card mountboard, machine-cut black vinyl, clear PET-G cover sheet, standard Quartz UTS German clock motor (step seconds), plastic clock hands, plastic poster frame, retaining clips, masking tape, frame backing tape, black Neoprene foam spacers, plastic hanger

31 x 22 x 4.5cm // 12.2 x 8.7 x 1.7”
218g // 7.7oz

  • One classic A4 EVA WALL CLOCK.
  • Fixings supplied.
  • Requires 1 x AA battery (not provided due to new post regulations).
  • Designed and produced in the UK at The Workshop of Matt Montini, UK.
  • FREE UK shipping / REDUCED international shipping (EU £5 / Rest of World £10), added at checkout.

This listing is for a new EVA WALL CLOCK (classic version). This is the first product of our 2nd collection ‘Fortran Statement’ (April - October 2021), developed at the workshop over the last few months.
We aimed to design a comical and personal wall clock that is also lightweight and functional. It is suitable for a kitchen or common room, as well as in offices or children’s rooms and would also be a great gift for someone special.

It all started when we discovered some unknown clock drawings by Montini made in Poland between 1912-1913 (when he was 7). Montini used to annotate his books and notebooks with numerous small and quick pen drawings and scribbles. Among them we picked the four that became the visual basis for this series.

Each clock was re-drawn at the workshop by Emilia, Montini’s (now) 7½-year-old sibling, and adjusted to fit the series’s A4 ‘tray’ format. Cut in black vinyl, each drawing was added with our hand-drawn numbers used in all of our clocks and with Montini’s signature and motto “Time is on my side now”. This time, the motto appears in a layout that highlights Montini’s complex intentions in this phrase, and using OCR-A font, a standardized, monospaced font designed for “Optical Character Recognition" on electronic devices. Created in 1968, a time when a font needed to be recognised both by computers and humans.

We framed each clock in a German readymade poster frame that is usually used in markets and shops to display products and prices. This tray frame focuses on transforming the drawing and its essence of ‘showing time’ into a product ‘of display’ intended for domestic and office use. The glossy finish of the PET-G clear cover gives the clock a slick look and acts as a sealing layer to make the object shiny and smooth. Each clock has four thick Neoprene foam spacers on the back to create a voluminous and floating appearance that transforms the object’s flatness.

It is interesting to note, especially regarding the drawing of the wristwatch, that the beginning of the 20th century (around the time those drawings were made) was a very exhilarating moment for this kind of watches. To give a context, we would like to to mention just a few:

  • In 1904 the "Santos" watch was Cartier's first men's wristwatch,
  • Rolex established their brand in 1908,
  • Seiko created the first Japanese wristwatch (“Laurel”) in 1913.

Each of the drawings has a strong character of being in-flux, whether it’s the marks of the alarm clock noise, or those of the Pendulum, to show its movement. Almost as Montini predicted, these drawing would become 'real' clocks as movement is in their genesis and complement the clock's moving hands.

Instructions and safety: 

  • When inserting the battery or setting the time, be careful not to touch the clock’s hands and plastic cover - hold the mechanism between two fingers to establish a firm grip.

  • To install on a wall; simply hang on a nail or a screw using either the plastic hanger or the mechanism hanger. Please note that the fixing should protrude between 15-20mm from the wall, not to touch the clock’s back but still to allow the floating space.
  • To dust the clock, use a soft, non-abrasive microfiber cloth, be careful not to touch the clock’s hands.


  • This is a handmade item, covered with a clear PET-G sheet, and due to the production process, there might be minor scratches / static debris.
  • Please note that the surface of the clock is shiny and reflective.
  • Some frames might have a minor visible mould mark.
  • Please note that the motor used in this clock is a step seconds, but it’s not ticking.
  • This clock has small parts and is not a toy.
  • Unfortunately, due to new post regulations, we are unable to send batteries with this item.